Monday, 21 September 2015

The Language Of Light

For the past few weeks I've not really gone out with the camera as I have been teaching myself about lighting. A broad subject I know but I thought it was about time I taught myself how to use the wonderful SB-910 Nikon Speedlight. The couple of years I have had it I found it so difficult to use because I knew nothing about them or how to operate one. The rear screen on this thing is a maze of numbers and menus and sub menus! I really just stuck my head in the sand and thought "I don't need flash when I have daylight..........WRONG"
 So I set about trying to work things out. First issue was finding out what buttons did what and all the sub menus. ( Thank goodness for utube) So I found my way around the SB-910 .......roughly ;-)
Then I tried it off camera ....followed by purchasing a second speedlight ( This one the SB-700) and then my first softbox...(Should have seen me trying to put that together LOL)
Generally just playing a lot to get the idea and feel of the light I could create. I now have a couple of stands to mount the speedlights off camera, Lastolite stands for a background and some flash gels and the odd little gubbins ( All things you don't realise you have to have to mount this on or clips to hold that!) Its a myriad of stuff!

So my first attempt looked like this.

I wanted my first attempt to be outside on a shady day....which it was to start with. Then the sun came out full blast and I had to have someone hold a black garden parasol to keep off the sun and my speedlight was on a stand to the left of my subject and up high to imitate a task light shining down and although you can see it the bright sun made it far less effective. Still couldnt have it all my own way could I ?
However I don't think its too bad for a first attempt at off camera flash and outside in full sun. 

Many thanks to my good friend who modelled for me here she has the patience of a saint ;-)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My First Blog...Tuesday 15th September 2015

Welcome to my Blog Spot

How do you start your first blog?  Well here goes.....I thought it was time I had a blog about my photography passion as it seems the thing to do these days. Im a very keen amateur photographer and my love of all things photographic probably started as a youngster as my entire family have always had cameras with them at all times.

It seemed to grow into a much bigger passion after losing my dear brother in 2010. He had a love for photography and the beauty of nature. He also had the eye for a perfectly composed picture. If he had the equipment today as I have, he would have produced some amazing images. So maybe his love of photography moved to me after we lost him.
I am completely hooked now as I have quite a bit of gear. Where as most women tend to have endless handbags and shoes, in my case its cameras, lenses and bags ;-)

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